Minimalist, but never anonymous

Functional nature, distinctive character. We design products and furniture defined by confident outlines and an innate ability to adapt to the way you use them.

Whether self-initiated or bespoke commission, our pieces are wholly considered from every angle, every interaction, before their making. Tactility, sound and the way the object behaves are interrogated at each stage of the design process – from sketch to scale model to finished article.

Working closely with suppliers who share our respect for craftsmanship and material provenance, we use our extensive experience in product development and project management to realise our designs as one-offs, low-volume runs or mass multiples.


Not just locations, but living places

From surface dressings to structural additions, we transform nonplaces into places of identity.

Individual habitats or commercial environments, temporary exhibitions or permanent installations, our spacial interventions place a strong emphasis on fostering a sense of belonging. Not just in the way they seamlessly integrate with their context, but in the way they openly welcome interaction.

Beginning with a site-specific creative blueprint, we consult and collaborate at all stages of design and build, including detailed plans, sourcing materials and overseeing contractors.


Consultation, inspiration, collaboration

From help with presentations to fresh perspectives and fully fledged design solutions, we are always open to stimulating collaborations.

Our process involves a thorough investigation of marketplace competitors and in-depth explorations of innovative departures from the norm. Colours, textures, shapes, materials are all considered alongside more abstract inspirations from fields of history, popular culture, art and technology.

Depending on the requirement, we can put together visual moodboards, collate swatches and samples, propose preliminary sketches, develop guidelines or offer complete creative solutions.

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