Curated with Maria Jeglinska, London 2012

“Wonder Cabinets of Europe” investigates Europe’s wealth of cultural diversity.

Like small wonder cabinets, each designer has been given a large wooden “case” in which they showcased a project they chose to unveil at the London Design Festival. We also asked the designers to share and display personal influences related to the contexts (geographical, cultural, etc) in which they work and their work methods.

The cabinet of curiosities, a never-ending source of inspiration, which represents this beautiful idea of Europe, of the Renaissance Man: the knowledgeable collector seeking out questions… Each cabinet is conceived as an exhibition within the exhibition – an atomized gallery space.

Warsaw & London, September 2012
Maria Jeglinska & Livia Lauber
London Design Festival 2012

Exhibition Photographs by Peer Lindgreen
Opening Photographs by Mark Cocksedge

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