Commissioned by EggsBitschin, Berlin 2012

Swiss curators and artist duo, Francine Eggs and Andreas Bitschin, invited 23 artists from Germany and Switzerland to create a public art installation for Berlin’s newly built Gleisdreieck Park.

Our contribution to the ‘GLEISDREIECK BERLIN Kunst im oeffentlichen Raum’ show were six stools. The Sleepers are wooden outdoor seats, laid out in groups along the path or next to the art installations. The star shape, resulting from the assemblage of existing railway sleepers (i.e. rectangular wooden pieces used as a base for railroad tracks), reminds and celebrates the Gleisdreieck Railway Network history. The iconic shape allows various layout and connection possibilities.

The SLEEPERS become part of the landscape, either seen as remains from the past, quirky sleeping characters, or also as foundation objects of a new cultural site, landmarks guiding people throughout the site and inviting visitors to have a break between or beside the art pieces.

Client: EggsBitschin
Materials: soft-wood Railway Sleepers
Exhibition: ‘GLEISDREIECK BERLIN Kunst im oeffentlichen Raum’ July – Sept 2012
Production :Adam Kershaw

Photographs by Michel Bonvin © 2012

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