a project created for Vera, Chapter One 2011

Vera, Chapter One is an inspirational and multi-disciplinary show evolving around a fictional character: Vera. We were invited to participate in this project, initiated by designers Kirsty Minns and Erika Mueller. They came up with a series of polaroids and asked us to choose one of them and create objects in response to it.

Conch Shells is a series of ceramic objects that reproduce various sounds of the sea and translate Vera’s nostalgic feelings and daydreams.

When holding a conch to your ear, it captures the ambient noise from around you which resonates inside the shell. The louder the environement you are in, the louder the wave-like sound will be. The size and shape of the shell as well as its aperture will also influence the sound you hear.

Client: KM AND EM, Vera, Chapter One.
Dimensions: Various
Materials: All pieces are handmade. Made of glazed earthenware.

“Vera has always been fascinated by sounds. She especially enjoyed the sound of the sea: the wind, the waves rolling onto the shore, the sea gulls. She would always press seashells to her ear, or that blue vase in the living room, or even her tea mug at breakfast, close her eyes, listen, and travel back to the seaside in a dream…”

Photographs by Benedict Morgan © 2011

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