Commissioned by Kunstgewerbemuseum Dresden, 2014


The Museum’s textiles archival system was very inspiring. We liked the non-intended graphic composition of the samples in each drawer, the quirky assemblage of small pieces to reconstitute an original motif, and the unexpected pattern on the reverse side.

Some people call it the ‘wrong side’, we call it the ‘B side’.

It shows the incredible complexity –and contemporary beauty – of the weaving techniques, and translates the savoir-faire of yesteryear.

Our two-sided installation brings our backstage experience out to the public, offering different levels of viewing. Graphic composition, abstract and colourful glitches, fabulous patterns from the past, and zoom into the details of weaving.

The grouping that result from our selection is not restricted or regulated by historical or geographical etiquettes, but it suggests a form of cultural relationship or dialogue, where time and place don’t matter.

Material: Lacquered wood, Plexiglas
Dimensions: 2750x2000x2000 mm
Client: Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden





Photographs by Oliver Killig, 2014

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