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“Wonder Cabinets of Europe in America” investigates Europe’s wealth of cultural diversity. A Project curated by Maria Jeglinska and Livia Lauber

Last year, our wonder cabinet was dedicated to our fruitful collaborations with local makers. For this second edition, the content of our cabinet focuses on one collaboration only, revealing our creative approach and the substantial work behind a quirky glass project.

We started working with our local glass maker Richard two years ago, when developing the Tipsy glasses for Design Marketo (London). We were invited to customise the unbreakable Duralex tumbler and decided to put it in a kiln to alter its familiar silhouette. Many tests were necessary to find the perfect ratio between temperature and time for producing interesting shapes.

The project was very well received and led to a commission from Swedish brand Acne to develop a series of amorphous vases and carafes for their showrooms.
Without Acne, we would not have developed other pieces using the same making process, as we usually prefer to explore new creative directions. But this new stimulating project enabled us to extend our knowledge about glass, refine our collaborations and most importantly evolve with them.

The displayed vases are the result of another intense collaborative research with Richard. Glass being a very versatile material, it can be difficult and time consuming to understand its properties and master them. The outcome is promising and spectacular.

Merging skills is essential. We have strong ideas and high ambitions but always team up to make things happen. We want our objects to have an identity and a personality. Whether they are made in a limited edition, all unique, or produced in larger batches, whether they are handmade or industrially manufactured, they look exclusive because they are always created with commitment.

Exhibition: ICFF May 2013, Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, New York City
Website: Wonder Cabinets of Europe

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Exhibition Photographs by Jeremy Liebman

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